Services Provided

Fractional Support

Bring in exceptional Product Strategy and Product Management expertise for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time resource.

Training / Skill Development

Leverage Lasting Value's tools and training to build internal core competence.  

Mentoring support

Help your team members take on greater responsibilities while managing your resource costs.

Our Approach

A well-defined Process

Lasting Value follows a process that has been defined, refined and validated across opportunities over many years.  This provides predictability and consistency.

Concrete Assets

Deliverables are defined in advance, to ensure the customer gets predictable value.

These include product assessments, roadmaps, and a tailored process.

Do. Train. Mentor.

We solve your current problem.  Then we show you (using the deliverables) how to do it yourself.  An investment in Lasting Value is also an investment in yourself.

Obsessively Markets Focused

Lasting Value begins with market need / market opportunity.  We first identify a pain point, which if addressed, will provide significant benefit. Then we map it to your technology. We additionally identify any other assets necessary to deliver a complete solution.

This is done by working closely the customer (and prospect) of our customer, as well as consulting with industry leaders.

Ladder of Value

A major problem in Healthcare is the fact that there are multiple stakeholders including (but not limited to): patients, providers, caregivers, and payers.  Solutions only succeed if each stakeholder gets value.  Lasting Value builds a ladder of value, which shows how each stakeholder gets value from the solution.  This improves adoption and drives Minimum Salable Product.

Minimize Time To Value

The processes have been developed to ensure you will deliver value quickly and then allow value to aggregate over time.

This is achieved through a combination of discipline, efficiency, focus, and managing rework.

Our assessment and prioritization tools ensure that the best opportunities move forward.

The Lasting Value Difference

  • We build your team's core competency.  The expertise will stay with you.
  • We are more cost effective than hiring additional staff.
  • We are obsessive about delivering Customer Value. We take your passion for your technology and help you drive it to Customer Success.
  • We are independent.  It is easy to be overwhelmed by the day to day.  We help keep the focus on the market.

Case Studies: Call for details

Achieving Clinical Transformation

Learn how a late to the market, high cost Healthcare communications provider leveraged its core differentiator to enter and succeed in a competitor's core market.

Going from Single Channel to Omni-Channel

See how a "technically impossible" challenge was overcome to create the first omni-channel Healthcare communications solution.

Rebuilding Market Credibility

Let us show you how a Healthcare IT company, drowning in customer issues, was able to achieve a 12x decrease in downtime, while pivoting to a new business model.

Boosting Chronic Care Engagement

Let us show you how we discovered an unmotivated class of users.  A simple enhancement  turbocharged engagement, allowing other user classes to benefit.

Accelerating Market Pivots

Learn how a Clinical startup was able to shift markets and build a million dollar pipeline within 8 weeks.

Finding New Markets

See how a nascent network technology, headed for the chopping block, was pivoted from an imploding market to an exploding one, paving the way for a $150M acquisition.

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