About Lasting Value, LLC

 Ara Kouchakdjian, Lasting Value’s principal, has a long history of taking on challenges and solving them. At the age of 17, he re-vamped workflow and pricing for a leading data transformation company. While at NASA, he helped build the control system that kept a satellite aloft for 15 years beyond its rated lifetime, even though the software engineers never tested their code! 

Trained as a software engineer, having built and sold a consulting company, and with many years of Product Management success, Ara brings a broad and nuanced perspective to Lasting Value. He has developed a life cycle process, with efficient and rigorous techniques, to go from idea through customer success.

The approach allowed Emprix's innovative technology to survive the telecoms meltdown, culminating in its acquisition.  At Silverlink, Ara led Product Management through the company's growth phase, taking revenue from 0 to $30 million.  He also introduced the first Healthcare-specific omni-channel member communications platform.

At lifeIMAGE, he cleaned up  significant customer satisfaction challenges, released three new products, and grew the image exchange network 50% in 6 months. 

Ara's broadest experience is in Healthcare, particularly in omni-channel communcations, consumer engagement, clinical care, imaging, and chronic care. He has worked across the spectrum of AI, predictive modeling, and interventions. Ara has also worked in the telecoms, storage, and defense industries.  

What Clients Say

Ara brings incredible depth as an accomplished technologist, as a healthcare executive with expansive market and domain knowledge, and as a person. His obsession with understanding how, where, when and to whom value is accrued accelerates the idea to value process for his clients. Lasting Value gives start-ups the discipline and support many need to  find high revenue markets and delight customers. 

- Marketing Executive

Ara is laser focused on driving value through product and has been very effective at prioritizing product development strategy on the attributes that will both increase adoption and drive outcomes.   He is also a pleasure to work with! 

- Consumer Engagement Executive

Ara's dedication to client value was the driving force behind the maintenance of a critical client partnership that ultimately allowed us to pivot towards a new, more desirable product pathway. 

- Product Leader