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Outflank Competitors.
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Succeeding in Healthcare IT is more challenging than ever.

Lasting Value makes fast Strategic Execution your Core Competence

Why Companies Come To Us

Investors expect faster growth

A company's first solution has been successful.  The next revenue stream must be more successful.  We help you quickly hone in on the winners.

Great technology that is not achieving desired revenue

The technology is groundbreaking, but the market does not yet appreciate the value.  Lasting Value takes a Market-first approach to both find fertile market segments and to rapidly evolve a technology into a solution.

The competition is catching up

Software is easy enough to mimic.  One needs to be nimble and prescient in strategic decision-making.  Lasting Value's Idea to Value process helps you get the right answers at the right times to stay ahead of the competition.

The company needs to scale for the next level of growth

As companies grow, processes and practices must mature to scale and perform.  For example once a company has established revenue, Minimum Viable Product must be superseded by Minimum Salable Product.  Lasting Value's proven processes and practices are tailored to efficiently achieve a new level of performance.

The Customers are not pulling the trigger

Since the last downturn, customers have become more discerning (see The Challenger Sale).  Lasting Value helps you position for differentiation and for near-term value.

The team is much better than the results

The best teams are not always successful. Often it is issues of process and  perspective.  We bring in an outside view that helps organizations get back on the path of accelerated success.

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